Meet Cynthia

It's Ya Girl...

I’m Cynthia, a Colorado Springs wedding photographer and red-haired mama married to my Prince Erick. My friends will tell you that I have an energetic personality and that I smile even on the worst days. I met my husband at a military base where my brother was stationed and sparks FLEW. We didn’t get to have a fairytale wedding, so now it’s especially meaningful to live through my clients’ wedding days. I studied architecture because I loved the idea of being able to create something completely new and different, but now I get to use that creativity every time I turn on my camera!

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is make a cup of coffee. Coffee literally sets the mood for my entire day and I always go back for a second or third cup. When I edit photos, I always have a cup of coffee in hand. I actually love the editing process! It’s one of my favorite things to do because I get to see the raw images of your wedding day come to life. (And it’s my signature moody editing style that my clients love, too!)

FOOD, especially waffles with strawberries and whipped cream on top

"Cafe con Leche" or a Cappuccino

Magic movies like Harry Potter and twilight

Traveling with my family... I plan trips MONTHS in advance because I get so excited!


Another thing that you should probably know is that I am the type of girl who loves to start new trends! I won’t show up to take photos of you with a bunch of pose ideas from Pinterest, I will come to you with my own ideas of how to create something amazing. I love it when clients trust that vision and we get to do something no one else has done!

yaaas girl, let's do it!

•   I’m bilingual; I speak English and Spanish fluently! You’ll probably notice my accent when we talk (most people tell me it’s cute).

•   My husband is Brazilian and we picked our daughter’s name because we loved the way it sounds in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

•   I can’t eat the same meal twice in a row.


Feel like we would vibe well together? Let’s work together to create something new and trendy! You’ll get to work with someone that feels more like a friend than a vendor! I come prepared to capture images of the best moments of your wedding day! I’ll give you advice, vendor recommendations, and education on different lighting situations or including a grand exit from your wedding. You will love the images you receive of your day unfolding naturally—I even give you prompts instead of poses so your images will tell the real story of your day. 


Let's Create Something Magical

“Cynthia was so funny and genuinely made us laugh. She caught some of the most intimate and magical moments!”

“She made me feel like we had been friends forever.”

“Cynthia is upbeat, funny, and went out of her way to make sure we felt at ease.”